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UC Merced International


A J-1 Exchange Visitor may transfer from one designated Exchange Visitor program to another designated program. Program transfers for professors or research scholars must be effected from within the U.S. and within the five years allowed to Exchange Visitors in these categories. The transfer procedures must be completed prior to the end date as noted on the form DS-2019.

IMPORTANT: There cannot be a gap between the old program end date and new program start date.

Transferring to UC Merced University

Scholars who have a UC Merced appointment and who are currently in the U.S. in J-1 status must work through their UC Merced department to initiate their J-1 program transfer to UC Merced. Once OIA has been notified of a transfer need, we will work with your current sponsor to ensure a seamless transition.

Transferring from UC Merced University

Scholars leaving UC Merced and transferring to another J-1 program must inform OIA of their intention to transfer to another J-1 program by filling out the J-1 Request to Transfer Form.