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International Transfer Students

If you are in lawful F-1 visa status and want to transfer to UC Merced or from UC Merced to another university, you must complete the transfer process. The transfer process is initiated by the school you have been attending and is completed in the Department of Homeland Security database SEVIS by your Designated School Official or International Student Advisor.

F-1 Visa Transfer Eligibility

  • Student must be maintaining legal F-1 visa status.
  • Student must notify current school of intention to transfer within 60 days of program completion on their I-20.
  • The new program start date must be within five months of the current program end date.

Instructions for Incoming Newly Admitted F-1 Visa Students

Submit the completed Request for Form I-20, copy of passport and proof of financial support to UC Merced's International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). If your source of financial support includes a private sponsor, please also include the Guarantee of Financial Support for Private Sponsor form.
Have your current International Student Advisor complete the F-1 Transfer-In Form. Submit this form to ISSO.
Confirm your SEVIS record has been transferred to UC Merced by obtaining your Transfer Pending I-20 from UC Merced after the selected release date.

Instructions for Outgoing F-1 Visa Students Leaving UC Merced

Email a UC Merced International Student Advisor to notify us about your intent to transfer out to a new university. Please provide the letter of admission from the new school along with the date you would like your SEVIS record transferred.
Submit your letter of admission from the new school along with any form the new school requires. If there is no form required by the new school, please provide the transfer release date by email.
Your SEVIS record will be released by UC Merced to your new school on the selected date of release.