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Shopping & Dining


Due to the COVID-19 situation, our main office (KL-101) is closed until further notice, but we remain available remotely, M-F 8:00-5:00, to answer questions and provide remote advising and other services. We are also available to address any emergencies.

 Employment-based visas: Becky Mirza (; 209-355-0913)

J-1 scholar visas: Rico Johnson (; 209-355-1018)

Student (F-1, J-1) visas: Lacey Long-Vejar (; 209-259-8913)

ISS-related emergencies: Becky Mirza (209-355-0913)

Other queries & concerns: Garett Gietzen (; 209-285-9780)

The Merced area and Central Valley have a vast array of shopping and dining options. Fresno, Modesto and the San Francisco Bay Area are nearby areas with even more options.


Merced Mall: There are many stores and vendors a short distance from UC Merced.

851 W Olive Ave, Merced

Downtown Merced: Downtown offers a number of quaint shops and activities.

The Promenade: This shopping center is near campus and has several restaurants and stores.

Costco: Membership-based warehouse store.

1445 R Street, Merced

Walmart: 3055 Loughborough Dr, Merced


There is a diverse selection of restaurants in the Merced area. Find local restaurants or on Yelp.