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UC Merced International

J-1 Processing Timelines

Timelines for submitting J-1 request documents

Below are judiciously established timelines by OIA for requesting J-1 immigration documents. These timelines take in to consideration OIA processing time, time estimated to courier immigration documents abroad, estimated timelines for scheduling visa appointments at an embassy and paying the SEVIS fee, estimated time required to make travel arrangements, find housing in the U.S. and arrive in Merced. The established timelines do not take in to consideration delays that may occur in the event the foreign national is subject to special administrative processing, security clearances or any U.S. or international holidays that maybe observed by U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Initial J-1 entry 3 Months before appointment start date

Change of Status Applicants

4 Months before appointment start date
Extensions/ Transfers 2 Months before appointment start date

Any requests for J-1 visa services received in less than the established timelines above will be subject to an expedite fee. These requests should receive OIA approval before submission. There is no way to expedite goverment processing of J visa requests, but OIA will expedite processing of the DS-2019.