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PR Fees


Most permanent residency cases at UC Merced are filed under PERM special handling; a method especially available for university teaching staff. An important aspect of Special Handling cases is that the application must be filed within 18 months of the formal selection decision date (the date on the offer letter). If the application is not filed within 18 months, then the employer will not be eligible to file PERM for the alien under the Special Handling procedure, allowing the employer to by pass additional strenous reruitment requirements. If this deadline is missed OIA will have to consider filing a regular PERM using the Outstanding Researcher or Professor category (EB-1) or as a 'member of the professions holding an advanced degree or equivalent (EB2).  OIA urges all departments to keep note of this 18 month deadline and initiate permanent residency status as early as possible (at least 10 months before the deadline) to begin the process as alternatives to the PERM handling provision are extremely labor intensive, expensive and lengthy.


Download the Recharge Fee structure for OIA visa services


Fees associated with sponsoring permanent residency status for a foreign national at UC Merced.

UC Merced Service Fee $750     
UC Merced Expedite Service Fee $350  
Legal Fees $6,500 up to $7,500  
Legal Fees - Dependents Consult with Attorney  
UC Merced Service Fee for Dependents $550  
Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker Fee - Gov't filing fee $700  
Form I-485 Adjustment of Status Fee - Gov't filing fee $1,225  
Approximate advertising costs  (for regular PERM cases) $1,000