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Due to the COVID-19 situation, our main office (KL-101) is closed until further notice, but we remain available remotely, M-F 8:00-5:00, to answer questions and provide remote advising and other services. We are also available to address any emergencies.

 Employment-based visas: Becky Mirza (; 209-355-0913)

J-1 scholar visas: Rico Johnson (; 209-355-1018)

Student (F-1, J-1) visas: Lacey Long-Vejar (; 209-259-8913)

ISS-related emergencies: Becky Mirza (209-355-0913)

Other queries & concerns: Garett Gietzen (; 209-285-9780)


Before UC Merced can issue a Form I-20, an International Student Advisor in the Office of International Affairs (OIA) must verify minimum financial support for your first year of study. This information is verified by submitting the required F-1 Financial Verification form following admission.

A U.S. consul will also need this financial support verification before granting a visa to prove you will have sufficient money to meet all your expenses while studying in the United States. Unless you are able to provide this evidence demonstrating adequate financial support, the consul will not grant your student visa. Below are the estimated costs for your first year of study at UC Merced. These fees are only an estimate and subject to change.

2019-2020 Estimated Costs for Two Semesters (One Academic Year)