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UC Merced International

Funding Policies


Funding Requirements: 


1) Minimum funding requirement: $1800 per month, additional $500 per month for a J-2 spouse.  Additional $300 per month for each child.

2) Must cover the minimum funding requirement for the duration of the program (dates on DS-2019).

3) Must be in English, or accompanied with a translation. Translation does not need to be formal/official, can be scholars own translation. Should be in U.S. dollars, or accompanied with a conversion (e.g.,

4) Must be dated. Must have been issued within the previous 6 months of the date submitted to OIA.  

5) Must be on official letter head, with name of institution/company/bank clearly shown.

6) Must have scholars name.


Acceptable funding documents:


1)   UC Merced appointment letter

2)   Letter from Scholarship/Fellowship agency

3)   Employment letter – must state that they will still be receiving salary while in the U.S.

4)   Personal funds:

a.     Bank Statement: Must have Banks name/logo; show a balance equal to or greater than minimum requirement

b.     Letter from Bank: States that accounts have an available amount equal to or greater than minimum funding requirement. Must be signed by bank officer.

c.      Financial Support from relative:

  i.     Relatives bank statement/letter (see above requirements)

  ii.     Letter from relative stating they will support the scholar for the duration of their stay in the U.S., must be signed and dated by sponsor.


NOT acceptable:

1)   Pay Stubs/Salary summary – Unless accompanied by letter from employer stating that scholar will continue to get paid during stay in the U.S.