UC Merced Departments

Choosing a Visa

Office of International Affairs staff will work with other departments to determine which immigration status works best given a particular appointment and individual coming to UC Merced. Departments are encouraged to consult with OIA prior to making a commitment to hire an individual who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. OIA is available to talk with the candidate (either in person, if the candidate is on campus, or by phone or email) to make sure the immigration status selected best suits the scholar’s immediate needs and future plans.

This comparison chart of employment based visas may assist you in making an initial visa determiniation.

Download the 2015-2016 Recharge Fee structure for OIA visa services
Fee Type Amount Notes

F-1 Students: The status is the most common status used by international students in the United States and at UC Merced.

J-1 undergraduate researcher: This status is generally for non-degree seeking students studing or carrying out a research project at UC Merced.

J-1 Scholars: This status is mainly used for visiting foreign professors and researchers at UC Merced.

H-1B  Employees: H-1B non-immigrant employment status permits temporary employment in 'specialty occupations'.

Permanent Residents: This status is reserved for faculty and staff at UC Merced that have been offered permanent positions.

Other Visas: This section provides a brief discussion of several non UC Merced sponsored visas.